September 20, 2018


Whats in store for our winner! – FKK CLUBS


A little about our friends at FKK Tours, we personally know the owner of this business and he takes great pride in guiding attendees to the best brothels

(FKK Sauna Clubs) in Germany.  FKK Tours know and only visit the best clubs in the business. If you have never herd the term FKK Sauna Club before you are going to be very surprised about what goes on. These establishments have a type of night club atmosphere and have everything a man could ask for.

check out one of the clubs here!

The best clubs have a Bars, all you can eat restaurants, indoor pools, Saunas, Spas, steam rooms, relaxation lounges there are even cinemas with non stop x rated porn and lots and lots of ladies waring only high heels and make up… yep thats right, they are all nude. Depending on what time of year it is, some clubs have out door areas with pool and day beds for sun baking, all clubs have an entry fee and you have the choice to either spend an hour or the whole day and night, its up to you. We know a lot about these clubs and the ones we will be visiting because we’ve been there, we’ve been to them all. (photo me 21)

The term FKK Sauna Club was applied to the Brothel Scene meaning everyone is naked and not just women, everyone is nude. With the introduction of foreigners, robes were added so even if you are a little shy don’t worry, you have your own robe.


As you approach the entrance and go through the front door you will be greeted by a receptionist who will inform you of the entry price, you can pay an entry fee of between 50 and 70 Euros depending on the club so in

Australian dollars thats about $100.00. The next question you will be asked will be what shoe size are you?, I know its a funny question to be asked when you are going into a brothel right?? but the reason for this is so you can be given a key to the locker with your robe and slippers with your correct slipper size, the receptionist will then give you a key which is for your locker. When you get to your locker you will find your robe and your size slippers all ready inside , most have a compartment inside the locker with a small combination safe for your wallet, watch & phone. when you get un dressed slip into your robe and slippers lock up your locker with your key and head out to the bar area.

When you step into the main part of the club you will notice all of the ladies are naked, you’ll be in shock because you would have never seen this many beautiful women naked in one place before in your life. Have a little walk around and familiarise yourself with the set out of the club and mingle, sit down and chat with the ladies, they wont bite. You will find that they will be from all over Europe and all over the world, they are all very friendly and love to ask you questions about Australia. FKK Sauna Clubs are all about comfort and relaxation you can take as much time as you need before your choose your ideal lady.

If you decide to ask one of the ladies for their time it will cost you 50 Euros which is about $80.00 Australian Dollars for half an hour (30min) and you pay the lady the 50 Euros cash directly to her. You then have a choice, you can be a real show off and have sex with the lady that you just chose right there in front of everyone in the middle of the the club? Or you can decide to take her off to the cinema and have sex while you watch porn on the big screen? Or you can wander off and find a room together, its your choice, what ever you are comfortable with.

Everything is provided, fresh robes and towels, access to showers, condoms food soft drink at the all you can eat restaurant and non stop porn in the cinema, all you pay for is your Beer.

This is the ultimate big boys playground, you can stay for as long or as little as you like and have as many ladies as you like as long as you pay for it and behave like a gentleman.

FKK Sauna clubs are legal in Germany, Perfectly Safe and very affordable, nothing else in the world compares to it.


Did you know….That during the 2006 World cup some FKK Sauna Clubs had to fly in more ladies to keep up with the demand from fans. On 30 th June

2006 the New York Times reported that the expected increase in Prostitution activity around the world cup had not taken place. This was confirmed by the 2006 Federal German Police report on human trafficking, which reported only 5 cases of human trafficking related to the World Cup.

Prostitution is legal in Germany, Sex workers pay tax , each of the ladies you see working in the FKK Sauna Clubs has to pay an entry fee to work in the club. Annual health checks for sex workers are mandated by law in Germany, the law mandates the use of condoms for sexual intercourse with prostitutes including oral.

Did you know….In March 2007 the brothel “Pascha” in Cologne announced the senior citizens over the age of 66 would receive a discount of 50% off the normal 50 Euros half an hour session.

If the FKK Sauna Club atmosphere appeals to you and you would like to come with us and visit at least 8 Brothels in 1 week and party with some of the sexiest ladies you will ever meet, you are more than welcome to join us, we are departing Sydney on the 10th of August and returning on the 18th of August, obviously there is a cost so if you are interested, email us your contact details to: and we will call you back and answer any questions you might have about our German Tour.

If you cant join us and would like to keep up to date with our experiences check out our Blog because Twitter, Facebook and instagram wont let us post the things we will be getting up to while we are on Tour.

Watch this space

September 20, 2018