Welcome to justlike.com.au, Australia’s newest and innovative adult directory. Designed for the discerning gentleman. Our philosophy is to provide a platform where the ladies profiles are “just like” the real lady. Keeping in mind that old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” in that case a Video is worth a whole lot more! The Just Like directory is like no other; incorporating a user friendly design, high standards, real people, visually engaging and device responsive;  making it easier for clients to find what they want when they want it!

Created for the modern Gentleman and ladies who appreciate the finer things in life, Just Like is a brand with “BALLS” which is changing the way the sex industry is perceived and advertised today.

It’s fair to say that with the advent of social media, wireless technology and mobile devices we are spending a UN precedented amount of time online. The fact gives rise to the need for websites to be entertaining, conversing, amusing, pleasing, informing and in short and most importantly ENGAGING.

Justlike.com.au is a very different concept; we have developed an innovative and engaging way for you to discover your dream companion. Some people refer to these ladies in many derogatory terms but we would rather refer these lovely ladies as “Goddess’s”.


As soon as you enter the site you will see our advertisers videos front and centre. With real time filter technology  you can click on the service that you want and your location, delivering you a gallery of your wildest dreams.


Looking for something different? You won’t find just ANY brothel or Escort on our site. Just like is a site for the gentleman connoisseur as we are defining the industry and setting a new standard.  All our advertisers meet strict criteria. Brothels must be licenced,  safe and secure for the customers as well as the ladies that work; and it must have an online presence. All our ladies are verified to ensure they are “Just like” their profiles.  After much consultation with the business owners of licenced establishments we found these to be the main things that separate them from the pop up Neon sign venues we all know are out there. 

Peruse through our collection and see there is much to discover. REMEMBER All of our profiles have been verified and meet the “just like standards ( view here I will link this) so you can rest assure you can find the very best for every taste on just like.

Enjoy our site and Happy Viewing